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PostSubject: Telekinesis   Telekinesis Icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 10:59 pm

Name: Telekinesis

Cost: 10 MP

Effect: Telekinesis (Mind): Can move one object with the mind. Can only lift objects as big as a bag of potatoes.
Telekinesis (Hands): Can move objects through the force of the hands. Can lift objects as big as a boulder or a statue.
Telekinesis (Max): Can move objects through the force of the body. Can lift objects as big as a house and causes a gravitational explosion on contact. Telekinesis can be controlled fully and can choose to use the gravitational explosion or not. (Each "Stage" of this ability requires the character to be into a certain point of the story and has grown to the point of being able to reach the max stage. Each stage of Telekinesis will be controlled and will not be leveled until cleared by a moderator/administrator when the poster feels elgible for the upgrade of the spell).

Type of Ability: Offensive/Utility

Element: Gravity

Damage: Telekinesis (Mind): Can only cause fall damage on the user. It only moves the user not cause damage.
Telekinesis (Hands): Causes xx damage (To be determined depending on where the character is at) and causes fall damage.
Telekinesis (Max): Causes xxx damage with knockback and fall damage from the gravitational explosion.

Def Increase: 0

Atk Increase: Increases by magic only.

History: Eclipse was born with the ability of Telekinesis but only started to learn how to control and use the abilility once he reached age 18. Feeling strong emotion can cause the ability to burst into unstable amounts of energy that may cause a deadly situation or help in certain situations.

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PostSubject: Re: Telekinesis   Telekinesis Icon_minitimeSun May 15, 2011 11:11 pm

nicely done, approved

From that day forth...My arm changed...And a voice echoed "Power..Give me more power!" And if i become a Demon so be it...I will endure the exile...Anything to protect her!

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