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 Job Example...Demon Hunting

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Leader of Clan of Darkness/1st Class Admin

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PostSubject: Job Example...Demon Hunting   Fri Dec 02, 2011 7:30 pm

OOC: I'm merely posting this one as an example of the job... you may have more then one person posting but you must each post 1000 words total... If I were having a member help me then we would have to post 2000 words together whether we do it in one post or many is up to you guys...

IC: I stood in the human realm where Dante had told me to meet him. I had expected him to talk to me and send me to another location to slay the demons until I was attacked by a group of sins and a few Abysses... I smiled as they circled around me and drew Yamato. "Let's go... it's been a while since I've had a little fun." I said calmly as an Abyss jumped at me with it's bloody scythe and I slid it's blade across the blade of Yamato before I kicked it in the chest sending it flying upward and sliced it in half, the next opponent of mine was a Sin:Pride... which I couldn't help but smile, it was nothing to me to slaughter them. I grabbed it's scythe and used it as a wedge to kill it's wielder. They then decided to attack me all at once. I dodged scythe after scythe with no problem until one sliced open my arm. I looked down at the blood trickling down my arm. "That was very good... but you're still going to die." I said as Yamato turned into a pair of tonfas. I twirled them with skill as I began to crack a Sin:Lust between my tonfas and then turned and hit a Sin:Greed with a twirling backhand. I was enjoying my slaughter but before to long they were all dead. "Damn, you guys died to fast." I said, unsatisfied I walked a little ways down the street before I ran into a Hell Vanguard. Not wanting to play with it I diced it to ribbons with Yamato, which I turned back to it's blade form, before it could even move. I then went deeper into the city to find a massive demon with a club and a single eye. It saw me and began to laugh. "The puny half breed is here? I will crush it's skull in my hand." It said reaching for me but I moved out of the way and landed on it's hand. "If you are trying to grab me, you're to slow." I said with my arms folded. The demon howled in pain after I sliced it's hand off without appearing to move. I then ran up it's stump and lodged Yamato's blade between it's eyes. I then let off a grunt. "Is that the best you can do?" I asked coldly. "This cannot be... I'm a full blood." He said angrily. I chuckled before slicing it's brain in half. "A full blooded idiot." I said before sheathing my blade and it's brain matter spread all over the floor. (OOC: if anyone else would like to post, I can't think of any more.)


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Job Example...Demon Hunting
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