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    PostSubject: Showdown   Showdown Icon_minitimeSat Dec 24, 2011 6:43 pm

    Name: showdown


    Effect: After infusing the power of Yamato into Red Queen, Red Queen can launch a powerful but slow X shaped energy wave at and enemy that will continue to damage and push back until either the enemy can dodge or the attack hits something inanimate.

    Type of Ability: enchantment/attack

    Element: demon

    Damage: 30 per hit. If enemy doesnt move out of the way, can hit multiple times

    Def Increase:none

    Atk Increase:none

    History: After the reassembly of Yamato, Nero began experimenting with different ways to use this new but familiar energy, he created the finisher: Showdown. This ability is meant for either one very slow target or a large.crowd of targets due to its attack speed.  When used the energy wave can rip through targets until it hits an unmovable force or object. The wave can be easily dodged due to its slow movement speed but if an enemy is stunned the this ability is the perfect finisher. It also has a side affect that when an enemy is hit by it, it causes a push back. Since Demonic energy is to create the wave, Nero has to partially rely on his demonic bloodline to use this ability. often times Nero's Devil Trigger can be seen during the attack, helping to launch the wave with incredible force.

    From that day forth...My arm changed...And a voice echoed "Power..Give me more power!" And if i become a Demon so be it...I will endure the exile...Anything to protect her!

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