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 Irony: Demon vs Demons (wip) (PRIVATE)

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PostSubject: Irony: Demon vs Demons (wip) (PRIVATE)   Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:50 am

I walk into the Nether realm and walk towards their under-ground fighting arena. I watch as several demons fight as other demons make bets and cheer on the fighters. I look around to get an idea for the fighting styles of each of the fighters. They all seemed like great fighters but were not much of a threat for me. I to to the announcer and whisper in his ear. The announcer started laughing when I told him about my idea. "Attention demons, this man here has a ten million dollar bet saying that he will not be beat by any of you. He says there is a catch, if any of you are to attack him and fail to beat him, he has full rights to kill you. Who will be brave enough to take this man on?" the announcer says over the intercom. I walk to the center of the arena and look around. All of the demons were now looking at me. Almost everyone was whispering and snickering with the demon next to them. I took off my jacket and tossed it on the ground. I got into a fighting pose and waited for the first demon to make his move. A small demon ran towards me with a decent amount of speed, but before he got to me I pulled Love and Hate from my back and stretched out Love and touched it to the demons nose, stopping him in his tracks. "Think carefully about you next move, it may be you last." I say as I point Love down at the floor and draw a line in the dirt. I take a few steps back and stare at the demon. He shook his head and yelled. He ran at me again and attempted to hit me with a short sword. I hit away his attack and cut his head off with my free arm. There was a silence in the crowd. I watched as the demons stared down at the first victim. After a few seconds of silence, all of the demons rushed me at the same time. I sighed to myself. "Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?" I thought as I cast nova and daze most of the demons. I ran through the crowd, blocking attacks and cutting away at the demons. Several demons came close to cutting me but with my cunning wits, they were not able to. I slaughtered most of the demons and after a while, only four remained.
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Irony: Demon vs Demons (wip) (PRIVATE)
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