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     Myutomyuzu and Shinda Supichi-Daisho

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    PostSubject: Myutomyuzu and Shinda Supichi-Daisho   Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:23 pm

    Name: Myutomyuzu (Katana) (The Mute Muse)
    Shinda Supichi (Wakizashi) (Dead Speech

    Type: Daisho

    Element: Dark

    Range: Close combat

    Damage: Myutomyuzu- 9
    Shinda Supichi- 6
    History: Due to the intense amount of training, Shinra was capable of learning many types of styles. Whilst messing around, trying new things, he learned about Daisho. His parents did not approve of such, but Shinra did train behind their back. He would read books, scrolls, etc. He would plan out how he was going to learn a specific skill. This self-taught skill may not be perfect, but it is well due to the amount of time Shinra has trained. He is still shaky with more wild attacks, but he can manage on his own. One time, when his family were out on a group mission, he talked to someone that was in town to help teach blacksmithing. This person was a contact, not actually known as a blacksmith. Only people like the Solitario family new him. After several hours, Shinra had two finely crafted swords. For years before the final trials that were before his coma, he trained. First, he did meditation with the swords. Finding himself doing a Thai Chi-like meditation with his swords. Then, he started combining his single-weapon skills with a katana and a wakizashi into a dualwielding technique. This took the most time. Shinra then nearly perfected his basic arts before moving on to self-taught skills.

    Pictures: (while un-required; Pictures are nice as it lets other people see just what your weapon looks like; and how deadly it is)
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    PostSubject: Re: Myutomyuzu and Shinda Supichi-Daisho   Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:27 pm

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    Myutomyuzu and Shinda Supichi-Daisho
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