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 Primary Antagonists for KHDR

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PostSubject: Primary Antagonists for KHDR   Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:57 pm

1. Mundus - The demon Emperor seeks to conquer all the worlds and make them a world for his demons.

2. Organization XIII- The Higher order of Nobodies are attempting to create a Kingdom Hearts in order to become whole. Having no Hearts they feel nothing for the pain they cause

3. Otherworld Vergil and Nero- These two are from another world, they already slaughtered everyone in their universe and jumped over to ours to do the same out of boredom.

4. Maleficent - This Witch is using the heartless to consume the worlds and spread the world in darkness, and in doing so increases her own dark powers.

5. Vergil - Though technically not a antagonist, He has been dancing on the line of being a good guy and being a bad guy. His motives are all for the sake of obtaining power. In his pursuit he has become a demon lord, began to sync the worlds, and is the only one to actually kill a player. Vergil's loyalty is to himself only, and his Demon army will give their lives for him.

6. Rogue Organization - This organization has appeared recently and it is unknown what they truly want.

7. The Angels of Judgement - These "Holy" beings just want to end everything in existance. Brought to life from Vergil's Omega Angelo form awakening.

8. Chiropteran Queen - The Vampire Queen simply wants only one thing, a world covered in blood so that her children can drink to their hearts desire.


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Primary Antagonists for KHDR
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