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Kingdom Hearts Riku Keyblade 3
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PostSubject: Kairi   Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:39 am

Name: Kairi

Age: 21

Weapons: Keyblade

Homeland: Destiny Islands

Element: Light

Gender: Female

Weaknesses: Kairi's weakness is also her greatest strength. She is very quick to forgive as well as to love. She is not judgemental and she believes in treating others fairly. This however leaves her open to immense pain, both physical and mental. Her other weakness is her unconditional love and loyalty for her best and closest friends.

Strengths: Kairi is very good at reasoning. She is very persuassive and can change other's opinions. She is also powerful when she needs to be. She has the general skills of a fighter and can fend for herself quite well. Over the years she has become very strong and strategic, planning out her moves before she makes them. She has also become wiser with age, learning to be less acceptive of things that people tell her.

Appearence: Skinny, but with a slight athletic build. She has blue eyes and long, layered, dark red hair with a brown hue to it. She wears a pink zip-up dress with a white shirt underneath and purple lace-up boots. She also has a small tear-drop necklace.

History: Kairi was, for the most part, raised in Destiny Islands with Sora and Riku, as well as a few other children. She enjoyed her life, as did they. They would play together, talk together, and always stuck together. Then one day, they decided that they were going to see the world together. So Sora, Riku, and Kairi built a small raft that they were going to use to leave Destiny Islands and go to another world. That night, however, there was a fierce storm, and with it came the heartless. Sora and Riku fought off the heartless, each in their own ways, but Kairi's heart had somehow became one with Sora's. For months on end, Kairi was only a heart inside Sora, helping him, and keeping him focused on the light. Then, when Sora had finally reached Hallow Bastion (AKA - Radient Gardens) he discovered that what he had been searching for had been inside him all along - the heart and soul of Kairi. She was freed, and Sora couldn’t have been any happier. But when Sora sealed the door to the light, he ended up losing Kairi, again. So Kairi was again separated from Sora, but this time she was back at home, in Destiny Islands. For another slew of long months, they were surrounded by people, yet immensly lonely, for they were not with the person they loved. Later though, with the help of Pluto and King Mickey, they were reunited once more. This was also the point where Riku gave Kairi her very own Keyblade. After fighting even more heartless and nobodys, Namine opens up a portal so that they can all go home. Kairi steps through with Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey. Sora, however, takes too long to step through, and the portal closes. Once again, Sora and Kairi were separated. Soon after, though, Sora finds the message-in-a-bottle that Kairi had sent to him, and he was able to go back home and be with Kairi. Kairi now lives in a house of her own back on Destiny Islands, although she has easy access to all the other places she has been so that she can spend time with her newfound friends.

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