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 Summon Sword Mastery (part 2 of Summon Sword Mimic branch)

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PostSubject: Summon Sword Mastery (part 2 of Summon Sword Mimic branch)   Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:07 pm

Name: Summon Sword Mastery

Cost: none

Effect: Weapon of energy being summoned to attack a selected target.
2000+ posts = Summons any weapon type at will and attacks a selected target
2100+ posts = Adds a guide to the summon, Will follow the target until it makes contact.

Type of
Ability: Non-elemental

Element: Random

Damage: 110 each summon

Def Increase: 0

Atk Increase: 0

History: The power of the Summon Sword when mastered has been told that the caster can summon any type of weapon at will and use that weapon to fight an enemy at a distance. I have been using a Summon Sword Mimic ability for long enough to advance to the next level. Through many years of practice in this technique I'm comming verry close to mastering it. (Will be mastered once I get 2000+ posts)
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Summon Sword Mastery (part 2 of Summon Sword Mimic branch)
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