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Kingdom Hearts Riku Keyblade 3
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 New Members: CLICK HERE!!!!

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PostSubject: New Members: CLICK HERE!!!!   Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:04 pm

New around here? If so, then your in the right place! Listed below are steps to help you get ready to start role-playing, remember to follow the rules and most of all, have fun!

Step One: The very first thing all new users must do is register a user account onto the site which is located below the "Kingdom Hearts: Divine Rose" Banner on the right hand side. Simply type in your user name (Which should be the name of the Character you plan on role-playing as EX: Riku) and email. Please try to refrain from using user names like Roxas1356 and other names associated with butchering Canon Character names. To review the characters currently being used please click this link here and review the post we made on used cannon/original characters list. (If the link is broken or you cannot view it, follow the address below)

Step Two: Once you have gone to your email and have activated your account, you can now start creating your character by going to the home page and scrolling down to the "Character Area" section and clicking on the "Character Creation" Forum (Or follow the link here). Once you reach the Character Creation page you will notice 4 "Sub Forums" Canon Character Creation, Custom Character Creation, Accepted Profiles, and Rejected Profiles. If your wanting to create a character that already exists within the Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/Disney Genre (Like Sora, Hercules, Cloud etc) then please visit the "Canon Character Creation". If your wanting to create your own original character then please visit the "Custom Character Creation". To put in an application simply copy the template from the "Rules and Template" post located at the top of "Canon/Custom Character Creation" and paste it as a new topic. Fill out the template following the directions given, then wait for an administrator/moderator to approve/deny your character application. If a character is denied for any reason it will be put into the "Rejected Profiles" and another new player will be able to pick it up at any time, so please put effort when submitting a character creation application. If we find that your application just needs more detail, we will respond so and give you instructions on what you need to do to get your character approved.

Step Three: You got your character approved and your just itching to start role-playing, but wait your not done yet! In order to give your character some edge it needs substance, to do that you need to give your character some abilities and other unique upgrades that you come up with on your own. To do this your going to need to do the same thing you did creating your character. First visit our "Character Upgrades" forum section (Which is located underneath the character creation forum) and then click on the "Weapons" section. Copy and paste the template titled "Rules and Template" into a new topic and fill out the application provided. You will repeat the same steps for Armor (Optional), Abilities, and Enchantments (Optional). Once they are all approved by administrator/moderator you will be able to start role-playing!

Step Four: This step is optional but is recommended to all members of the site. To keep track of all of your character upgrades, there is a template located in the "Character Profiles" section of the forum which is located underneath the "Character Upgrades" section. Simply copy and paste the template into a new topic and link all of your creation posts (Weapons, Armor, Abilities, etc ..) into your character profile to have an easy way to reference all of your character information. Once your character profile is created we recommend linking it to your signature so its only a click away!

Step Five: Though your character may not be ready to lead into a path, you have a choice to join a certain affiliation wether it be Light, Dark, Twilight, or Dawn, they all come with unique features and utilities available to users residing within these affiliations. When your ready to join one of these sides simply follow the application process located in each of their respected forums and wait for a response.

Step Six: Look there are no more steps YOU ARE DONE!!! later down the road you will have other features available to you (like forms and summons) and be able to enter higher end worlds. Now go and start at the "entry Level" worlds and start your long journey, may it be full of danger and excitement!

The KHDR Staff

~ Lead Columnist of KHDR Insider
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New Members: CLICK HERE!!!!
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