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 Zeke's list of weapons - more guns and his katana

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PostSubject: Zeke's list of weapons - more guns and his katana   Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:34 am

Name: Tsuinkenjuu

Type: guns - pistols to be exact

Element: earth

Range: all ranges

Damage: 12

History: This is really two pistols instead of just one and Zeke keeps these up his sleeves. Somehow they don't fall out when Zeke isn't fighting with them but he can still shrug and they'll drop into his hands. The bullets are easy to acquire as they are normal bullets, the guns cause them to hit harder against those who wear something bullet-proof or resistant to bullets.

Zeke uses these guns most often due to their power and simply because he has enough bullets for them. He found the pistols among the bodies of the soldiers he killed when he acquired his katana.

Note: Requires duel-wielding to use both guns.



Name: Ookami Katana

Type: sword - katana

Element: Energy

Range: close combat

Damage: 15 (+5 Energy Damage when a 3 or a 6 is rolled on the ability die)

History: One day, soon after his operation, Zeke found himself in an armory where he found this sword displayed high on a wall. Instead of leaving it alone, Zeke jumped up and grabbed it. This was the first thing his superiors used against him when they dismissed him from the military, another being that the swarm of his own comrades who rushed in to stop him from stealing the sword were killed in a really short time, about three minutes.

Zeke hasn't fully mastered the use of this weapon yet as instead of sending electricity into his target and attempting to fry them, it seems to have a random pattern on when it does so. Zeke carries it with him always, making sure nobody steals it since he's seen its potental and knows the devestation it can cause to those who fall victim to it.

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PostSubject: Re: Zeke's list of weapons - more guns and his katana   Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:17 am


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Zeke's list of weapons - more guns and his katana
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