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 Shourisha, Dark after Light

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PostSubject: Shourisha, Dark after Light   Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:31 am

Name: Shourisha, Kiokure

Age: 16

Weapons: Hand to Hand Combat but also uses his manipulation of Ice.

Homeland: He came from a unknown world, unexplored by others but he came unto the more used worlds such as Traverse Town.

Element: Ice

Gender: Male

Weaknesses: Plenty of Diseases that affect him, through combat and not.

Strengths: Hand to Hand Combat and Complete Ice Manipulation

Appearance: Shourisha is shorter then those who are around his age he is of the age
of sixteen and yet he is only five foot five in height, thus this makes
people believe that he is much younger then how old he actually is. As
a result of his height, he doesn't weigh a lot either, he weighs 93
lbs. thus most people would be able to lift him up quite easily and
things such as that. Despite how much he weighs or how tall he is he
has a slightly muscular body built thus making him look a tad bit
stronger then without it. He is incredibly pale compared to others,
practically as white as snow. However the temperature of his body is
quite cold thus when you touch him it feels as if he was made out of
ice. On the upper left of his torso, there is a type of Tattoo colored
a brownish color, this is a Tattoo given to those that were slaves
which were forced to do manual labor and other things as well. This is
how Shourisha has a slightly muscular built, due to him being a slave
until he was released from slavery. His skin, flawless one might say,
despite his days as a slave there are no scars, old cuts or anything.
No freckles, no acne, he doesn't have any naturally all that there is,
is his perfect face. He has a nearly hairless body except for his head.

usually as is eyes semi closed due to being somewhat tired all the time
due to him being a insomniac which means he doesn't sleep. His eyes are
a purplish color which they seem to be observing everything around him
even behind his back. These eyes they seem to be able to see through
everything and understand everything, these eyes of his usually make
others nervous as though as if he knew everything about themselves.
Though sometimes his eyes seem as they know the meaning of pain of
others, where they don't judge others and accept everything. They seem
like that when they are fully opened and looking at the person, this
tends to make others feel safe with Shourisha around them. His hair
color is unusual for a Guy since it's color is a pink type of color.
His hair is in a spiky style, covering his head with pink. Bangs of the
front drop down until it reaches his nose, his hair is semi long due to
the fact that he didn't cut it for a while and he likes it as it is
right now. The hair hides his ears as it drops down, thus you wouldn't
normally see Shourisha's hair unless a gust of wind picked up and made
the hair at the side of his head fly in a direction.

On top of
the pink, semi-long and spiky hair rests a hat. Shourisha usually has
the hat on. The hat is more for a fashion sense and as well it
distracts others from the color of his hair. The hat fits perfectly for
his head, it's bigger then his head due to his hair it fits pretty
nicely. The hat is colored a dark type of color with a white silvery
with hints of green and a purplish pink streak going across it. The
middle of it there is a green colored circle and by its side it seems
to have wings colored a silvery white with hints of pink and green. At
the end of his hat there are a few silvery accessories stitched into
it, both of them who look like hearts stabbed through with the same
metal which resembles a metal pole of some sorts. Around Sourisha's
neck lies a type of collar of sorts, it is made out of red colored
leather and as silvery circles at equal distance from another going
around the collar. Shourisha wears a white colored short sleeved shirt.
The shirt is small sized and it looks practically perfect for
Shourisha. The third or so last button is the only button that is
buttoned up, Shourisha usually has his shirt like this so you can see
how he is little physically built he is. On both of his hands are brown
colored gloves.

As for the subject of pants, like most people
Shourisha has them as well. He has a pair of jeans that are colored a
Dark Blue type of color. They are a tad bit tight as Shourisha prefers
to have pants like this. However the pants are long, they practically
touch the ground that Shourisha steps upon thus he could easily trip
over them if he wasn't careful. Around his waist there is a belt,
seemingly matching his hat and collar. The belt falls off of
Shourisha's figure as usually nothing special about it then to have
more fashion sense. Shourisha wears sneakers, with a mixture of white
and black and gives it a nice balance between the two, However
Shourisha usually has those shoes off as he feels more constrained from
moving due to the shoes and socks, so you could probably usually see
Shourisha without his shoes or socks if you looked down to his feet
which despite not having anything to cover them up while walking
around, they seem pretty clean.

Personality: Shourisha was born into the world with several diseases. Many who
struck his mind, these diseases that struck his mind are sometimes of a
nuisance and other times they are useful. For example, he may see
things that aren't actually there as though he was in a Illusion, or
even move different parts of the body when wanting to use another part
as he tries to move his left hand, his chin moves upward instead. These
may even stop his system temporary thus not being able to do anything. All of these may happen or
not during a battle, however these may be useful sometimes but its
quite unusual for them to be useful, for example. The diseases that
targeted his mind may cause him to have higher reflexes, or an sudden
adrenaline rush thus making him stronger physically. However this
hardly ever happens, usually only bad happens anyway. Such as temporary
blindness, or lost of hearing. This makes his life slightly
complicated. But wait... Diseases shouldn't work like this, shouldn't
it be destroying his mind or something? Well... yes it should. However
since there are many diseases that affected his mind it caused the
diseases to cancel certain effects of certain diseases. Thus one of
Shourisha's diseases that affected his mind, would cause his brain
getting dissolving as time went by, however another disease attributes
canceled the effect or made it that much weaker.

His other
disease affected something other then his mind alone. It killed off of
every nerve in his body, this causes him to be unable to feel anything.
Touch, Smell, Taste. Those were the senses that he was born without,
never even knowing what they felt like. This is possibly a combination
of the diseases that affected his mind which made him unable to feel,
smell and taste anything, or that a disease specifically targeted his
nerves. These are not the things that made him to who he is today,
they've helped a lot developing how he is but these aren't what made
him... what people call "evil". Shourisha is composed, meaning that he
is calm, cool, collected. Any kind of danger, even danger that would
lead to his death won't be able to shake his reserve. He isn't easily
surprised or disturbed, no matter what is going around him. This causes
him not to get his emotions out of control and as well as his temper.
Nothing evil about this right? This just makes him to be seen as if he
has a ulterior motive of sorts, which he usually does. He is as well
Dishonest, this makes him lie a lot but he does not really lie, he only
tells part a lie. Per example, someone asks him a favor of delivering
something, he agrees. He does as he was told but he didn't really
deliver it, he went to the location and dropped what he was supposed to
deliver. Then he is able to remain calm without anything on his
conscious since he did what he was told in a way. He also doesn't
really care for others feelings. Also him being kinda dishonest, he is
as well as Disloyal. He is someone who is not committed or faithful to
a government, cause, ideal or a person. He only follows the road that
best suits his current needs, total disregard to the effects it has on
anything he may have spoken or dictated to him through terms of service.

is Inconsiderate, he is thoughtless when it comes to others. Not caring
at all what happens to another person due to his actions. He believes
that he is the only one to be important. He is indifferent in a way, he
has no particular interest, loyalties or liking of anything. However he
wants to get the most fun out of his life, rule the world is definitely
up there somewhere in this individuals mind. He is someone who thinks
that he is following the right road, the road that everyone wants to be
on, even if people would think of it more as a evil road. Shourisha is
Nefarious. He is a fragrantly wicked person, most evil people aren't
evil in their own minds but he takes pleasure in being wicked and
impious. His style and charm hides his nefariousness from the eyes of
people who happen to look unto him. He plots and schemes with no regard
for anyone but himself. He is as well as paranoid of others, he
believes that everyone is lying to him somewhat thus this makes him
unable to fully trust anyone but himself. He is a Sadistic as well, he
has a abnormal delight in cruelty. He would kick a cat or any other
animal, push a old person to his knees for the fun of it. He wouldn't
feel any remorse while doing it. He only cares for his own pleasure and
will like and misrepresent his interest to hurt others both emotionally
and physically. He is pretty intelligent as well, seemingly absorbing
information like a sponge with water and remembering it for long
periods of time.

Shourisha, how did the light, become so dark?

he didn't had a normal childhood like any other boy. Where did he come
from? Just who is he? No one truly knows who Shourisha truly is.
Shourisha seems like a harmless boy, however he isn't. He was never
born in a known world, but a extinct world called Gyaz. Nothing suspicious
yet right? There used to be life in Gyaz, he was born in a small but
yet prosperous village in this world. It was a village where no one had any combat orientiented
heritage, where everyone was just normal people under the guide of the
village chief. This village was located in the desert, very close to a
oasis. One day the village chief and his wife had a child, by the name
of Shourisha. However, Shourisha's older sibling was jealous of him. As
now the people of the village were more talking about Shourisha then
the older sibling. However as years passed by, the older sibling's
jealousy and envy disappeared. Shourisha was respected and quite well
liked throughout the village, others would often play games with him
and he would be happy. At least appeared happy. When Shourisha was
eight years old, something happened to the village. It was destroyed.
Who did it? Was it Shourisha? How? It was indeed that Shourisha was the
one that destroyed the village and no one else. However, Shourisha at
the age of eight couldn't possibly destroy the village all by himself,
neither would someone of the village help him accomplish it. All he did
was say a few things here and there and watched as things unfolded.
People killed one another, people who used to be friends, lovers.
People killed children, their own family and even Shourisha's father
and mother. The village was in a state of chaos, the village was
burning to the ground and everything was disappearing from his life.
The faces, people he knew and people that loved him died. Those faces
that he saw suffer and die... This made Shourisha feel so alive. As he
was gazing at the village from a safe distance, observing what is
happening. He laughed, laughed loudly where if anybody in the village
that was still alive could hear it.


was what made his blood boil, what made him tremble with excitement!
This is what he loved, this is power that he wants! He laughed as this
made him feel truly happy, where everyone he knew died and suffered. At
least he thought, one of the villager's managed to survive this. His
sibling. However Shourisha was pretty sure that everyone was dead and
so he gathered up provisions and water. He was gonna travel, he was
gonna find other things that bring him such excitement. That's all he
wanted. He set out into the desert, days have passed and his provisions
were getting low, but nonetheless he knew what to do. He found a way to
salvage the food and water that he had left and managed to come up with
a way to survive for roughly around two weeks. However two weeks have
long since passed and he still hadn't seen a village, let alone a
traveler. His hunger, his need of water and his fatigue brought him
down unto his knees. Is it Karma? he thought to himself before his body
fell down unto the sandy floor of the desert. He never believed that
God existed, if he did then he was one cruel god. Why must good people
like from his own village die, they had never done anything bad and
were good but God didn't do anything to stop Shourisha. This was
Shourisha's theory on God, there's a chance he might exist but if he
does he is obviously cruel. Shourisha wasn't expecting anyone to save
him from the brinks of death, especially since he was lost and in the
middle of the desert. He slowly succumbed to sleep as he thought he
might as well sleep while he dies. The next day, a stranger in a cloak
that hid his face found Shourisha while he was walking towards
somewhere, the stranger applied medical treatment and gave him food and
water while he was unconscious.

The stranger then brought
Shourisha along with him, the stranger walked for a few hours and he
was facing apparently what seemed like a castle on the outside. In
truth this was actually a Arena, where people are brought and forced to
either do Manuel labor or fight to the death like gladiators. When
Shourisha woke up, he looked around as he slightly and slowly lift
himself from a bed. He was apparently in a prison cell. The stranger
was in front of his cell, looking at Shourisha. His cloak's hood hid
his face in darkness so Shourisha wasn't able to tell who it was. The
stranger told him in exchange for saving Shourisha's life, that he
would stay here for a while. Shourisha thought it was fair and agreed,
but he wasn't sure what he was getting himself into. He was doing
manual labor for a while, the labor that he had done greatly enhanced
his physical prowess. When he was old enough, he started to be a
Gladiator, the manual labor was certainly a great help as it helped
prepare him strength wise. Shourisha was certainly a great fighter but
there's always those that would be able to beat him in a fight so he
improvised. He said things here and there and soon enough those that
would be a nuisance to Shourisha were disposed of by large groups of
people that he would be able to take care of idf they should ever
fight. One day, Shourisha said things here and there and people killed
one another and Shourisha as usual just stood idle and watched the
event that was going along with his default expression with closed
happy looking eyes and a small smile. The guards came to check out the
noise and saw that everyone was dead, Shourisha was the only one
unharmed and there alive sitting in a corner with him hugging his legs
with his default expression. The guards figured it must've been
Shourisha that killed all these people and so Shourisha was turning
into a celebrity and people from all over the country and others came
to see him fight at the Arena. The Arena was doing good thanks to

Fights have been getting much easier for Shourisha,
he was using the fear that he had create through the people of the
Arena to his advantage. There were people who were stronger then
Shourisha in terms of Strength but thanks to the fear that he had
created, they were afraid of him and that very same fear made them that
much weaker. He was a God here, he liked it. Power. Everyone feared him
because of that power. This is what he likes. This is what he loves.
This is what he wants. However, he knew that no matter how long hell
stay here it won't satisfy his thirst for power. He wanted so much
more, he wanted so much more that he couldn't take it. He did exactly
what he had done to his home village. Say a few things here and there,
and merely observe whats going to happen. The arena was in a state of
chaos and everyone was dying, he was happy. This is what made him feel
so happy. He laughed once more.


he stopped laughing, he opened his eyes and realized something pretty
important. He was still in his cell, locked in. The metal was
reinforced type of steel so breaking that would be near impossibility
for Shourisha. He looked around him, and he sawe nothing more then a
bed and a pillow and brick walls. Nothing here is gonna help him get
out, was he stuck here forever? He decided he may as well figure out
something in the morning, he was tired. So he walked towards his bed
and then started to sleep in his usual fashion of sleeping to the left
on his sides, thus facing the wall. The next day, he woke up early as
usual, a habit he got from training his body early. He looked under his
bed because maybe there was a trap hole or something under it, but he
was pretty sure that there wasn't any trap hole since its so cliché.
However he did realize a crack in the brick wall, he moved his bed away
to examine it better. He started to poke the crack and the crack grew
bigger and he managed to pull the brick to himself and it reveal a
passage hidden by Darkness, however its either going straight out, or
falling down as he wasn't sure if the floor was there since it was so
dark in there. However, he still went after there. But... instead... he
was falling. However it wasn't that deep so Shourisha didn't die from
falling but he did get a bit hurt. He walked along the darkness,
following his instinct as he couldn't feel anything around him or even
smell if there is fresh air. All he could do is rely on his intuition.
He got out of there, guess luck is on his side. He then continued to
travel, he traveled by foot and by boat. Going from land to land hoping
to find something that may benefit him to his goal of absolute power.
However like the previous time, he was getting hungry and thirsty and
he wasn't able to move anymore. He blacked out once more, but fate kept Shourisha alive after all these years. He completely ahiliated his home world and caused it to succumb into darkness. However it wasn't 100% him that did all this. The fear, the anger, the envy towards Shourisha from all the people in Gayaz caused Heartless to appear. Heartless that destroyed life as Shourisha did. He lived, isolated from everyone as time went by. Nobody he knew was here anymore, there was nothing. No animals, No people, hardly an plants. Just heartless that were after him. He wondered where they appeared, they moved out of dark portals, in time he had figured out how to travel through worlds. Wanting complete power.


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PostSubject: Re: Shourisha, Dark after Light   Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:40 am

approved... but please change your name to your character.


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Approval Finalized

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PostSubject: Re: Shourisha, Dark after Light   

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Shourisha, Dark after Light
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